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Promote the cell industry to open up communication, technological upgrading, docking and cooperation channels, and expand the global cell therapy market
At present, the current number of cardiovascular disease patients in my country is about 290 million; the "China Stroke Prevention and Treatment Report (2018)" shows that there are 12.42 million stroke patients aged 40 and over in my country; the prevalence of diabetes in China has reached 10.9%, and it is estimated that there are 116 million adults have diabetes, of which more than 65 million have not been diagnosed; China has nearly 3 million Parkinson’s disease patients, accounting for half of the world’s patients with the disease; about 250 million people are over 60 years old... This part of the population has a surge in demand for cell therapy and anti-aging, and the application of cell therapy industry has an immeasurable market prospect. According to IMS forecasts, the global stem cell industry will reach 170 billion U.S. dollars by 2020. The basic research of my country's stem cell industry ranks among the top in the world, with approximately 2500 stem cell patents, ranking second in the world, and the scale is expected to reach 140 billion yuan by 2020.
In recent years, cell therapy technologies represented by immune cells and stem cells have developed rapidly in medical applications around the world. In the post-epidemic era, various provinces in my country are actively promoting cell therapy and clinical application transformation policies, and the country has intensively issued a number of development plans to support and guide The development of the cell industry. Different policy plans for Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Sichuan, Hainan, and Yunnan were issued in sequence. With the support of the policy, the cell industry has also ushered in a new round of development, showing five major trends including the layout of the entire industry chain, the integration of precision medicine, the expansion of the application of the medical beauty industry, cell therapy solutions, and the rise of companies that integrate with other industries. As a pioneering demonstration zone for socialism in China, the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is located in the core area of ​​the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It actively promotes the innovative integration of cell therapy and anti-aging health industries. The holding of this forum will bring together top experts and industry scholars in the industry. Jointly discuss the development trends of the cell industry market, and invite government departments to share in detail the significance of the policies of the international pilot demonstration zone in the field of cell therapy, the detailed interpretation of the Shenzhen Special Zone Cell and Gene Industry Promotion Regulations, and the new developments and new developments of international cell therapy technologies. Application and other topics are discussed.
The holding of this forum and exhibition aims to promote the commercialization and industrialization of the cell industry. The first is to build a platform that integrates cell midstream and downstream industries, industry platform upgrades, and commerce and consumption; the second is to increase the opportunities for mutual exchange and learning in the medical industry through this conference; the third is to successfully promote the rapid development of the cell industry, and at the same time Industry professionals and organizations export high-quality cellular resources and services. Focusing on topics such as cell therapy technology and anti-aging technology, it brings forward-looking thinking to the development of the cell industry and injects "new vitality" into the development of the cell industry.
Forum activities
—Analysis of cell industry trends
—The establishment ceremony of the Anti-aging Committee
—International Cell Therapy Technology Development Forum
—Clinical application of stem cells
—Clinical application of immune cells
—The application of cell therapy technology in the field of anti-aging
Professional audience
— Heads of health committees, medical experts, health research institutes, medical laboratories, medical colleges, scientific research colleges, biomedicine, cross-border medical care, anti-aging companies, etc. of the national health committees of all provinces and cities;
—Deans, hospital administrators, oncology, biotherapy, hematology, pathology, assisted reproductive, laboratory and other departments of hospitals in all provinces and cities across the country, as well as experts and researchers in related fields;
—Professors, researchers, pharmacy, medical, immunology, etc. from well-known universities;
-Cell therapy and anti-aging enterprises in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industry chain;
—Cell medicine CEO and head of pharmaceutical company R&D: CRO, CMO, antibody immunotherapy drug development, immune cell therapy and product development, oncolytic viruses, small molecule immunotherapy drugs, cell therapy and regenerative medicine experts
—Upstream suppliers of cell and tumor antibody immunotherapy, diagnostic reagents and equipment service providers, etc.;
—Government agencies and representatives, industrial parks, China Merchants, investment incubators, consulting and training institutions, insurance, family offices, wealth inheritance, private banks, lawyers, intellectual property, securities companies, etc.