Exhibition scope
1. Stem cell therapy: diabetes, leukemia, stroke, Parkinson's and spinal injuries, blood system diseases, nervous system diseases, limb ischemic diseases, liver cirrhosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, secretory system diseases, surgical diseases, skin diseases, joints New technologies for stem cell therapy such as inflammation, premature ovarian failure, infertility, and private care;
2. Cellular anti-aging: biological skin care, anti-aging wrinkle, hair regeneration and other cellular anti-aging technologies;
3. Cellular immunotherapy: CAR-T, TCR-T, NK, TIL, CAR-NK, DC, new T cells and other cellular immunotherapy;
4. Cell production equipment technology and consumables: cell culture media, storage, freezing, culturing, purification and other consumables equipment;
5. Cellular drugs: innovative cell therapy drug development, CMO/CDMO/CRO and other services;
6. Cell consumables and carriers: cell culture medium, fetal bovine serum, plasmids, lentivirus, oncolytic virus, etc.